3 Tips For a Truly Unique Wedding

By Aaron Hu

Weddings are nothing new, since the beginning of mankind we have had some form of a wedding ceremony. There is something very special about two people committing their lives to each other until death. Through the years there have been massive changes in what the ceremony looks like and what it should consist of; often imposing very strict guidelines for what is and isn't appropriate for the wedding. Today however, we are free to do almost anything we want for our ceremony. This opening of doors brings with it a new challenge; you don't want to have the same old boring wedding as everyone else, yours has to be unique.

We all want our wedding to be as special as possible; this can happen by adding a few unconventional elements to your big day. We will look at a few ways you can do this in the next 3 tips.

Wearing white is not a must any more. The modern bride does not have to conform any more in her dress. Just a few years ago it would have been a scandal had the bride not worn white on her big day; this meant that you were not pure enough to wear it. But the standards for purity have changed, and with it you will no longer be seen as an outcast for wanting a dress that is not snow white. For the traditional bride there is a wide spectrum of whites, off-whites, and ivories to choose from. If you are on the bold side, then the sky if your limit. With designer gowns even showing up in black!

Have fun with your wedding favors. Unique wedding favors are all the rage right now. No one wants that tacky, tulle wrapped, Jordan almond favor anymore; come on, be honest, did any one every really like that gift? Your favor can be handmade or store bought, but it must say something to your guests, either about who you are as a couple, something that is special to your relationship, or something special that happened during your dating and engagement. Think outside the box with this, what is important is that your guests can tell you put thought into it.

No more boring wedding cakes, please! With all the cake shows on TV today, we have become used to seeing these amazing, one of a kind cakes; no longer will the cake that your great aunt baked be good enough. There are so many exciting techniques that cake designers use today, making each cake unique and special; completely customized to the couple. Take some time to interview several bakers, tasting their cakes and looking at past wedding cakes they have made. Of course the more ornate you get with the cake, the more expensive it will be. The cake shape has changed from basic round to any shape you can think of; a lot of modern brides will pick different shapes for the tiers of the cake, each with a different flavors. Picking more than one flavor is a great idea for a wedding over 100 people. With more people comes more preferences in taste, so offering a selection can be a nice change from the norm. More than every, you as a bride can have fun creating the perfect, unique, one of a kind wedding that you have always dreamed of. - 30545

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Online Bass Guitar Lessons

By Daniel Wilcox

It is possible to learn all about your new instrument from dvd or online. If you want bass lessons you can now have them where and when suits you best, making right now the best time to learn the nuances of this great instrument. With a great range of bass guitar lessons available, it can be hard for a budding musician to decide what style would suit them best.

This means that bass lessons can be invaluable at any stage of your playing career as there is always time to learn new skills and styles. People should always try to evolve and develop new skills and even their musical preferences can change over time.

Playing bass guitar isn't always about becoming rich and famous; it can be just as easily learned for fun. The more intensely you practice the better you will become but it is possible for all different people to have a great time from learning bass guitar. The bass guitar may not be for everyone but it is an excellent instrument that can bring many hours of fun and enjoyment to a great number of people who learn how to play it well.

If you want to become an excellent bass guitarist then you should always strive to learn new and interesting skills on your instrument. It is clearly not enough to know how to play your favorite instrument; you should always be looking to find new techniques and ways of playing.

Learning by yourself is okay but the pace you will pick up skills and finding out all about bass scales will greatly improve by taking some lessons. If you want to learn everything you need to know about playing the bass guitar, this website is for you.

These are both good reasons for wanting to play an instrument and by taking bass guitar lessons; you could be playing along to songs in the style of the bands you really love. One of the great ways to learn the bass guitar is to look for lessons online.

The vast majority of guitar music, from the most complex classical guitar piece to the most hassle, bass lessons are available in tablature. This lesson will show you how to read some easy bass tabs, and introduce you to some fun and important bass tabs for beginners to learn.

If you're unsure what strings to use, you can walk into any music store and tell the guy behind the counter what kind of guitar you have and he'll hand you the strings you need. If you tell him that you are learning to play guitar, or plan to enroll in beginners bass lessons he may take a minute or two to show you how to tune a guitar, and may even share some guitar licks with you or give you some tips on how to teach yourself to play bass. - 30545

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4 Tips For a Spring Wedding

By Aaron Hu

The birds are chirping, trees are budding, and flowers are popping up all over. Spring is in the air! What better time of year to have a wedding than in the spring with all it's new life and new beginnings. Spring is very symbolic of starting your new life in wedded bliss. If you are romantic and sweet you couldn't have picked a better time to get married. Let's look at a few things that will help you pull together you spring wedding.

We will start with your choice of colors. It is important to pick colors that are relevant to the season. When you think of spring generally you think of two types of colors: bright vibrant colors and pretty pastels. If you are more of the carefree type I would suggest choosing bright vibrant colors such as lime green, hot pink, sunshine yellow, sky blue, and orange. If however, you are more the sweet and girly type, you will often be drawn to the beautiful array of pastels. At all costs when getting married in the spring, you want to avoid heavy, dark colors; they will only be a downer to what should be a cheery spring wedding.

When picking the decorations for the wedding ceremony and reception you should once again think about the season and what comes to mind. Flowers are a given, LOTS of flowers in fact, nothing will scream spring wedding more so than flowers. Decorating with birds is another great tie in with the season. They are pretty, small, and can be added to centerpieces. If you like to garden, or just like that garden tea party charm, add in some garden pots and wicker baskets; these will add a lot of whimsy and charm to your wedding.

Have all of your guests take home a spring wedding favor. In keeping with your theme, pick a favor that is a fond reminder of your wedding day. There are tons of really cute garden wedding favors for the bride that chooses to add this touch to her reception. One of my most favorite favors is the organic paper heart (comes in other shapes too) that is embedded with flower seeds. Your guests take it home, plant it, and will love the flowers that come from it! You can place the heart in a pretty pot, with printed directions, and tie a big ribbon around it. All of your guests will be gushing over this memorable favor.

When planning your menu you will want to keep it on the lighter side. Anything to heavy will cause the bright and airy atmosphere to drop into a sleepy lull. For those going with a full meal, choose chicken and fish, with seasonal veggies. Cheeses and wines are a great addition as well. If you want to be a bit different you could have a wine tasting during your reception, it is probably something most of your guests have always wanted to do, but never had the chance to try.

No matter what your perfect spring wedding picture is, I hope these pointers will come in handy when planning your wedding. Just remember, above all else, this is your day to shine; so take it all in, and enjoy every moment of it. This will be the best day of your life! - 30545

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Leadership Vs Management

By Dave Vower

I might like to say that I'm all regarding leadership, not management. I think the word manage produce additional negative thoughts and feelings than the word leadership, or coaching for example. Management is all concerning controlling people and telling them what to do. I do not think this provides a great spin on getting results. Not easily anyway.

I love to lead. Creating a positive vision and following it to where it goes is what drives me. I get passionate regarding what I'm doing and it gets others involved. We tend to share a standard direction. This is often what a leader is all about. Somebody who can specific a genuine vision for the longer term and encourage others to drive towards it too.

I don't suppose there's any one group where leadership is best. there are nice leaders in several fields. Corporations are where most people assume leaders live. However there are some nice leaders in sports institutions, political teams and other similar places. To me, it's the person who's out front who is making the progress. The person with the new plan who follows their own path, leads the way.

The new ideas are those that drive any organization. They're the fuel that make it grow and flourish over time. The drive to maneuver an plan from the abstract to a tangible solution and products/service is what makes a successful organization these days. In fact, it's this kind of thinking that is gotten any results in the globe in any field.

Thus whereas several folks talk concerning management, and many leaders talk about setting goals, the essence of the topic leadership is obtaining in and getting your hands dirty. Starting with a outlined outcome and operating onerous towards it with no concern for the barriers in the way. Inspire others to follow you and lead the way.

This is often the core of fine management. - 30545

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Amendment is an Chance to Grow!

By Dave Vower

Change is an integral part of life. Change is an indicator that things are moving forward (sometimes forward means backwards first, then forwards!).

However many folks do not like doing things differently because that can sometimes be harder. Often folks react to the change slower than the change takes place, and this may lead to many shortfalls in productivity.

Growth is essential to the expansion of a business therefore it is important to remain versatile in terms of your approach to things, and in terms of the tasks you perform each day. Some day, things will change.

It's typically the case that folks fear change. However if you can encourage those around you to embrace positive change, become dynamic and adapt to the modification then they can embrace it, and become a good part of the change. It's a actually inspiring situation to note those around you turning into part of a new reality being created before their own eyes.

It's inspirational, in fact, when someone you know has a live changing experience. So change in business needs to be nothing different. Rise to the challenge and do what it takes to get the job done. Becoming bigger than the problem that got you here is the only way you'll get out of it.

Or to see it another way: You may never get out of this drawback with the identical kind of thinking that got you here in the first place.

Change is here to stay. You can't escape it!

Expect the least expected

Stay one step ahead of the change.

Management in business is therefore important to strive and do correctly. There are such a lot of ways in which to induce things right, but so several ways that things will get it wrong (if not thought-about from the start). Take the time to analysis your field of experience and make strong selections to maneuver forward in the proper direction. Decisive action and sturdy leadership is one in each of the foremost necessary aspects of working in any business. - 30545

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Keeping it Real at Work Will Change the Way You Look at Your Working Hours

By Dave Vower

When it comes down to it, making cash and running a business (whatever industry you are in) all comes down to 1 thing. Keep it real. There is nothing additional basic and vital than this concept.

It is simple to urge wedged within the abstract nature of our jobs these days. I mean come back on, who even understands their job description much of the time! I apprehend people who are simply making it up on the fly, and others who just build up new jobs out of thin air!

The reality of the work you do though is that it MUST have some reasonably physical counterpart. There merely should be some reasonably physical result in the $64000 world.

Build certain you have got the power to spot how your job affects the others within the organization, especially if you've got a reasonably managerial position. Yes, you work with individuals, and ideas. But these ideas and folks have some very real consequences in terms of what happens once you clock off. The ideas you approve, and therefore the folks you maneuver can form the nature of your world for years to come.

Therefore build positive you mostly see things the way they are. Don't put your head in the sand, and create positive to let folks understand when things are going well, and after they are not. Your livelihood and those you're employed with rely on it.

Having hassle keeping your mind grounded?

1. Attempt seeing things from a brand new purpose of view. This sometimes provides you a fresh perspective.

2. Don't play "what if" too much. Simply see things the approach they are and deal with it in a means that moves you toward your required outcome.

3. Give yourself some options. You will become more flexible and have a better path to follow.

Keep it real! - 30545

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10 Tips For Giving Wedding Favors Your Guests Want

By Aaron Hu

There are so many things to do when you are getting married. It can be overwhelming to even the most organized of brides. You have to set the date, secure where the wedding and the reception will be held, get your dress, pick the members of your parties, interview the photographer, caterer, and reception entertainment, and this is just the beginning to the almost endless list of responsibilities when planning your wedding. One part of your big day that a lot of brides sadly overlook, or wait till the last minute to think about, is the wedding guest favors and the wedding party favors. It is important that you show your thanks to each guest for coming and each member of your party for playing a role in your special day. Let us look at 10 great ideas for favors, 5 for your guests and 5 for the members of your party

You will first want to decide how you will give out your favors to your guests; will they be unisex with each person getting 1, will you have different gifts for men and women, or will you give family favors. Here are 5 great ideas for favors. If you want to give each person the same gift, you will want something that both men and women will like; you could go with a nice metal bookmarker, these can be inexpensive, yet nice and can include your name and wedding date. Candles are another favor that works well for men and women; try picking a scent or color that matches your wedding theme.

If you would like to give different favors to men and women you will want to make sure you have plenty of each of hand so that either sex doesn't end up with a favor for the opposite. Men will really like a bottle stopper for their fine wines and liquors. Woman will fall in love with miniature manicure sets. Lastly, if you would rather give a slightly larger favor, one per family, then I would suggest giving your guests a really nice set of glass or crystal coasters.

When you think about giving favors to your wedding party you want to make them a lot more personalized than the favors you give to the guests. Often it is really smart to give each person a different gift to suit his or her own personality. Here are 5 favors that your wedding party will thank you for. Let us start with the ladies; one of the best ideas I've come across, and one I used for my wedding, is to give each lady a piece of jewelry that she can wear during the wedding. Could be a pretty bracelet, earrings, or a necklace. You just want to make sure you buy them something nice, not a piece that will turn them green. Pearls are a great option for this. What about a monogrammed cosmetic or toiletry bag? What lady in your party wouldn't love her own special cosmetic or toiletry bag. Lastly for the ladies, a gift certificate to a local spa or salon would be a very nice way to say thanks. For the men I would highly recommend cufflinks, possibly something they can wear for the wedding. A gift that most men will love is monogrammed beer glasses.

It is important to remember that no matter how small or large your budget is you need to give a favor in thanks to all who attend your wedding. Putting time into picking out favors that will be liked by the guests shows that you really care about them and are truly happy they came to help you celebrate your new life. - 30545

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